Cornerstone Investment Agreement Hong Kong

A cornerstone investment agreement in Hong Kong is a common practice in initial public offerings (IPOs) and private equity deals. It refers to a pre-commitment by a group of investors, typically institutional, to purchase a significant stake in the offering or deal at a fixed price.

Cornerstone investors are strategic partners that add credibility to a company`s IPO or fundraising round. They are known for their deep pockets, industry expertise, and long-term investment horizon. By committing to a significant portion of the offering, they help secure the deal and anchor the valuation.

In Hong Kong, cornerstone investment agreements are regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). The SFC requires the lead underwriter of an IPO or the sponsor of a private equity deal to disclose the names of the cornerstone investors, the amount of their commitment, and the lock-up period.

The lock-up period is the time during which the cornerstone investors are prohibited from selling their shares in the company. The typical lock-up period in Hong Kong is six months, although it can be longer or shorter depending on the size and nature of the deal.

Cornerstone investors in Hong Kong are usually institutional investors such as sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and private equity firms. They are attracted to Hong Kong`s vibrant capital markets, world-class infrastructure, and favorable business environment. Hong Kong is also strategically located at the doorstep of China, which offers enormous growth potential for investors.

In conclusion, a cornerstone investment agreement in Hong Kong is a crucial element of any IPO or private equity deal. It provides confidence to other investors, helps secure the deal, and adds value to the company and its shareholders. As Hong Kong continues to attract global investors, we can expect to see more cornerstone investment agreements in the future.

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