Serco Collective Agreement

I have discussed with you a data collection process and we want to work with you on that; share the collective knowledge of our employees and members to help you. An agreement (in agreement with SSFWA tupe`d von Geo) that employees who no longer want to play the role of DB first refuse to return to PCO after the hiring of new DB officers. After days of negotiations, the negotiating team has reached an interim agreement on which everyone can read and vote. More information can be found here and all questions should be sent to You will be included in a FAQ. Through collective bargaining and lobbying with governments with other members of the Community, unions have minimum standards for: large collective agreements are available below in PDF form. If your collective agreement is not mentioned here and you would like a copy, please contact our Assistance Centre on 0800 28 38 48 or One of the characteristics of trade unionism in the workplace is a collective approach to wages and conditions of employment. Family Planning NZNO Proposed Collective Agreement 2020-2021 Sick Days Provide some flexibility in the use and implementation of income protection days for emergencies and health problems. Members who are entitled to full sick leave will receive 3 days of paid sickness – 2 days of paid ELP – 1 unpaid ELP day. The Union and the Company have agreed to allow the ELP holiday period for scheduled dates and can be taken in 1/2-day increments. Healthcare of NZ Ltd – NZ Care Group Ltd November 2018 to October 2020 Tranquillity Bay Care September 2018 to September 2019 Part-time WSIB holiday workers will receive hours of work for their benefit entitlement for the following year. – Until now, members who were on vacation as a result of an accident at work, injury or illness would not accumulate hours to access their benefits.

This has led to problems for members returning to work, only to give up their benefits as soon as the December calculation has returned. WSIB members are now credited with hours worked based on the average number of hours worked in their offices in the previous year.

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